1. Industrial Unit Processes (Webinar Dec. 8th, 2021)

This training course is designed to provide the Enforcement Officer with a knowledge of various industrial processes which he/she may encounter, an awareness of the typical wastes produced by these processes, and an appreciation of the treatment processes typically used to deal with these different wastes.

2. Interceptor Whisperer Ken Loucks – Grease Intercetor Course – Available onlineĀ 

Contact Jennifer Leno ( to pre-register This training course is designed to provide knowledge on:

  • The History & Evolution of Grease Interceptors
  • How all Grease Interceptors Work
  • How Grease Interceptors are regulated in model plumbing codes
  • The product standards that govern Grease Interceptors
  • How to properly size and select grease Interceptors by Grease Production
  • Inspection and Maintenance Considerations for Grease Interceptors

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